Giving Lingerie – The Unspoken Rules

Gifting Lingerie Tips
There are plenty of socially acceptable times to give lingerie as a gift. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, even birthdays come to mind. But all too often lingerie is given as a gag gift—something to have a laugh over (and maybe embarrass the receiver a bit). It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re close with your friends there’s no reason you can’t put a little thought into giving lingerie that fits ‘their personality’.

It can be difficult to narrow down your selections when you have an entire sexy lingerie store at your disposal. Giving something too risqué can turn the special moment into a joke while misjudging your friend’s style can end with your gift hanging at the back of the closet for years.

Helpful Advice for Giving Lingerie as a Gift

  1. Think Like a Woman
    You might think that’s easy to do if you’re one yourself but when it comes to intimate apparel women can get a bit sensitive. Instead of guessing, try to imagine the type of lingerie you’d like to receive. Are you fun and flirty? Try a matching top & skirt set. Are you a fan of classic styles? High waisted lingerie brings the elegant Golden Age of Hollywood back to the bedroom (and flatters larger women). Do you value comfort and cuteness above all? A nice babydoll can become a go-to for naptime or playtime.
  2. Keep the Occasion in Mind
    If you’re giving lingerie for a special occasion, try to work that into the theme of your gift. For example, if your friend is getting married, elegant bridal lingerie is something she can wear underneath the perfect dress (and in the honeymoon suite afterward). On the other hand, if she’s celebrating a divorce, maybe crotchless panties are just what she needs to put those bad memories behind her.
  3. Work in a Fantasy
    If your friends is a little more liberated (or perhaps into role playing) a fun adult costume would surely make an impression. From fairy tale costumes to school girl costumes to “traditional” sexy nurse costumes help them let their imagination run wild.
  4. Consider a “Couples Gift”
    If the event you’re buying for is couples themed (an anniversary party) you can spice things up for both of your friends by gifting them lingerie—regardless of gender. Give one gift to both or give one a garter belt and the other the stockings. Mix it up!
  5. Sexy Lingerie Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
    It’s the thought that counts, right? If you get your girlfriend a cute piece of lingerie she doesn’t have to know that it came from the clearance rack. (That’ll be your little secret.)

Have Fun and Relax!

Giving lingerie should be fun. Just like any other present, you shouldn’t worry too much about what the receiver will think if you’ve put some thought into the gift. They’re sure to love it. And while you’re shopping you can get a little something for yourself too.