Don’t Be Afraid of Leather Lingerie

It wasn’t long ago that leather lingerie was relegated to the realm of dom/sub role play. Even talking about it with your girlfriends was more risqué than showing off that cute babydoll you just picked up. And, unfortunately, many people think it still is. They don’t know leather has a softer side. They don’t even let themselves consider leather lingerie as an option.

They don’t know what they’re missing!

Sexy Leather Lingerie

Why Leather Lingerie?

Leather combines comfort (that only gets better with time) with daredevil charm to create undeniable sex appeal. Leather teddies, leather bustiers and corsets, even leather pants give you an edge that turns heads and lets people know you mean business.

Leather is soft and supple. It conforms to your body unlike any other material. Leather also adjusts to your body temperature (especially when things heat up). It feels almost like a second skin. And if you like your play time a little wild, leather is a heck of a lot more durable than mesh or lace.

Plus there’s nothing quite like the smell of quality leather—that warm musky scent that calls to everyone’s primal instincts.

Leather Lingerie: Options for Going out or Staying In

Leather underbust corset and skirt

Leather Bustiers/Corsets

Leather bustiers firm, shape, and uplift your breast for maximum cleavage. They help streamline your body and give you that coveted hourglass figure. While many (like this underbust leather bustier) may be a little too much for the club, tamer styles (like this leather corset with rhinestone trim) make any pair of your favorite hip-hugging jeans even sexier. And if wilder is what you want? Pair something like this leather underbust harness with a thin corset or simple flowing shirt for a little naughty and nice.

Leather Pants

Leather pants help you make a dramatic entrance (and exit). The way the soft material molds to your skin shows off every asset. Once exclusive to rockers and glam bands, leather pants are now the perfect way to add a little excitement to an ordinary outfit. Give your everyday attire a little edge or push your night out to a new extreme. (Just don’t forget the high heels.)

Pants too hot to handle? Leather skirts will give you that same badass look while letting your legs come out to play.

Leather Thongs

Leather lovers know that the ultimate in intimate apparel is a leather thong. Worn discretely under your date night outfit it’s a shocking surprise. Worn by itself (or with accessories) in the bedroom a leather thong is a clear symbol that you’re ready to get a little rowdy.

Wild or Mild Leather Lingerie is for Everyone

Don’t let leather lingerie’s racy reputation keep you from experimenting. When it comes to finding the right piece for you, it’s all about the style: revealing pieces show off your assets while tamer leather lingerie conceals more yet still enhances your natural strength. You owe yourself a little luxury. Give leather a go.