Sexy Lingerie Always Wins Points in the Bedroom

Sexy Lingerie
Sexy lingerie can transform an average Friday night. When you’ve moved on from delicate nighties and silky pajamas, it’s time to incorporate some sexy lingerie into your love life. You’re tired of leaving everything to the imagination, and you want to serve up your assets on a silver platter. Sexy lingerie is the way to go. You’ll channel all of the class and sophistication your can muster along with a sheer bra, intricately tied bustier, or a few complicated garter belts to help delay gratification. After all, the best part about sexy lingerie is taking it off.

knot open back chemise set

Be the Best Version of Yourself with Costume Lingerie

Geisha Girl Costume LingerieSure, men like variety. But women do to. What better way to tap into your sensual side than to pretend you’re someone else? With costume lingerie, you can do just that. Costume lingerie turns fantasy into reality and with a bit of accessorizing, you can be the naughty, uninhibited nurse you always knew you could be… Or the slutty cheerleader…. Or the hussy housekeeper. Take your pick. The best part about costume lingerie is you never have to be the same person twice. Who knew having multiple personalities could be so much fun?

Leather Lingerie

From leather jackets to leather panties, few materials say “S-E-X-Y” like leather. Leather lingerie combines the raw sex appeal of your inner biker chic and your lingerie drawer. What’s so sexy about leather anyway? Leather jackets say that you’re a rebel ready to take risks and try new things. Leather pants are nothing but skin-tight goodness that turns heads and break-neck speed. When you bring leather into the bedroom in the form of leather lingerie, you are a force to be reckoned with. Not sure about the sweaty, sticky joys of leather-wearing? No worries. You won’t be wearing it long.

Body Stockings Prove that Stockings Work Outside the Office Too

Body stockings put a much needed twist on your average lingerie concept. These days, women hate stockings. They’re hot, sticky, and a pain to put on. But there’s something undeniably sexy about stockings, no matter how you slice it. Sexy body stockings have all the sex appeal that you love about stockings without all of the discomfort and hassle you hate about wearing stockings. The best thing about body stockings is that you have to wear them for a short time to accomplish your goal, and it doesn’t involve promotions or a Monday morning meeting.sheer halter bodystocking lingerie

A Wedding Garter is the Best Kept Secret to a Happy Marriage

You’ve heard the horror stories from your married friends: once tie the knot, your sex life is over. But with a sexy wedding garter, you can ensure that you wake up on the right side of the bed after a memorable wedding night. A wedding garter will put that twinkle in your eye and you and your new spouse will be ready to head to the honeymoon suite. Find the perfect wedding garter for your occasion at LingerieLux store and you’ll remember your first night together as husband and wife every time you open your lingerie drawer.