Sexy Rave Clothing Unlocks Your Inhibitions

Rave Exotic Feather Crop TopHot bodies writhing and grinding to a heavy bass beat, strangers pressed up against each other like lovers, sweat trickling down your spine as the music carries you away . . . are you ready for a little sexiness under the black lights? Our selection of sexy rave clothing lets you cover up the bare necessities while keeping the maximum amount of skin exposed—you know, so you stay cool.

Before the Goths invaded and the Emo turned Screamo there was the Rave. Underground parties filled with some of the sexiest people you’ll ever see totally in the zone as the music carried them on a wave of exultation—a free and uninhibited exhibition of pure joy. And true ravers never die. Though the Rave Scene exploded in the mid-1990s it’s been going strong ever since. Sure, it’s moved out of warehouses and corn fields and into clubs across the country but the music and the PLUR message live on.

Your Rave Clothing Shines a Spotlight on You

Sexy Rave Clothing - Light up skirtHit the dance floor—where ever it may be—in vibrant color and a sexy style that’s all your own—your rave clothing makes a statement without you ever having to say a word.

But if you want to stand out in that crowd you have to go above and beyond. Fun and funky neons and Day-Glo bikinis, teddies, and mini-dresses from Neon Nites will help you turn some heads—though you may want to invest in some double sided tape. If garish colors aren’t your style, exotic feathered crop tops, furry legwarmers or a sexy pink smiley cat costume might be the perfect thing to accent your kandi jewelry.

Rave clothing allows you to express your true self, that inner riot grrrl that you keep hidden away from everyone else. So be free! Be bold! Be as cute hell or as sexy as you want to be! But one thing is for certain: if you’re a real raver you can never underdress for anything.

Think You’re Too Shy to Be Sexy?

Rave Striped Thigh Highs with StrawberryAre you a little shy, a little conservative, but still want to get in on the fun? Rave clothing doesn’t have to be revealing and you don’t have to show so much skin to get into the groove. Something like slipping into tie dye footless tights or dressing up a mini skirt you already have with striped thigh highs can give you that extra something special to push your outfit over the edge.

Experiment with all the fun and funky combinations at the club (or in front of the mirror at home) and let your sexy rave clothing set you free.