Whether you’re 25 or 55 there is a place for sexy lingerie in your wardrobe. Older women have a desire to express their sensuality and display their bodies just as much as younger women. Society has conditioned us to think that a woman over the age of 50 is no longer viewed as a sexual being. Reinforced, or primarily shaped by advertising geared towards a younger audience, lingerie manufacturers rarely feature older women in lingerie ads. And, that’s a mistake.

Older women have greater buying power and a fully ripen understanding of their wants and needs… their sexuality. Women over 50 are sexually active, dating, and interested in looking attractive in and out of the bedroom. They generally possess the self-confidence to carry it off.

What is she going to be shopping for in lingerie? The sky’s the limit; she may have a clear sense of what kind of image she wants to portray. She’s unlikely to want the “babydolls”; the look is too young looking for most older women to carry off. But, there’s no reason she can’t carry off every other look, as comfortably as a woman of any age, any size. With a wide assortment of items to choose from, an older woman can pick the pieces of lingerie to play up her body’s strongest features.

Types of Women’s Lingerie and Lingerie Accessories

Corsets and bustiers are wonderful choices for women, regardless of age. At Lingerie Lux, our selection ranges from the mildly sensual to the exotic. You’ll find leather corsets, lacy sheer outfits, brocade, satiny bustiers, and revealing strappy outfits to choose from. The type and amount of skin revealed will allow each woman to select the right outfit, based on her comfort level. A corset with its traditional boning and lacing options covers up the midriff and supports the bust for an uplifted look.

Women of a certain age might be more comfortable indulging in role pay and dress up- the adult costumes like the French Maid would hold a certain appeal as well as the Nurse outfit. These selections feature a longer skirt and less revealing features.

As a beginner outfit for someone new to the world of exotic lingerie, this type of chemise is a perfect choice. The fabric and cut of a short chemise flatters body lines. The slightly longer length may be more comfortable than an outfit showing a lot of thigh and bottom. It’s a sexy look, suggestive in its draping of the body.

The Psychological Effects of Lingerie for Older Women

The term ‘granny panties’ is often used to describe big droopy, unattractive women’s panties. But, let’s face it, we have no idea what an older woman might be wearing under her business suit. The world of panties has changed and age is no correlation when it comes to feeling sexy. Women of all ages want to feel good about themselves and that includes feeling attractive and sexy, though admittedly there might be days when cotton briefs are just what are called for. The media does not provide enough appropriate role models for older women so we have to make up the rules as we go, defining our own sexuality.

Panties are one of the best and least expensive ways to add a little sex appeal to a woman’s wardrobe. You can pick from matching sets and pair them with garter belts or stick with a variety of fun, sexy undies.

What a woman chooses in the way of sexy lingerie might be defined by her relationship status. Some women buy only if they’re in a romantic relationship; others like the indulgence of feeling sensuous, for the pure enjoyment of it. Either way, we applaud and encourage women to express themselves at any age.