How do you feel when you hear the words “x-rated lingerie”? They give me a little tingle of delight at the thought of all the hidden pleasures the words seem to imply. Whether you’re buying for that one special guy or because you like the feeling of bare skin under your work clothes, you’ll love our X-Rated Lingerie line.


The X-Rated line of lingerie features the most revealing and edgiest erotic lingerie in the business. When you want the items to show off your body and evoke the rawest of passions, these are the outfits you choose. Open crotch thongs, or garters with the barest bits of lace and leather are designed to bring maximum pleasure.

With titles like Lustful Criss-Cros, Indecent Proposal and Savage Studds, you know this is the Rated X line at its finest. The trademark of x-rated lingerie is minimum fabric and loads of sexy details. These outfits feature lots of leather, studs, chains, open crotch and cupless teddies. This is not a look for the demure, or the frilly feminine type. There are no pale blue lacy babydolls here. We know you want to bring out your inner tigress; our erotic lingerie is designed to do just that.

Is your man the dominant type? Does he like to see you tied up in knots of desire for him? Delight him with our Lustful Criss-Cros, a three piece teddy set with velour straps and a discreet open crotch. It comes with pasties and stockings to complete the set. Then for a change of pace, you can take control and whip him into shape with the 2-piece Leather Strap set, simply add our Leather Paddle with Hearts for a fun evening. The look of all those straps, buckles and studs will set him afire.

Lingerie Accessory Leather Paddle

If you browse through the G World, Rated X Line you’ll find some more subdued outfits, still fiery but with a little more fabric giving you a chance to be suggestive with a hint of mystery. This hot number, in red or black, features velour straps and lacy inserts which cover the midriff while exposing nipples and the rear in tight strapping. Little heart shaped rings fit over the nipples for an extra touch- they’ll be standing at attention, as will he.

If you’re dressing for that special someone, sometimes you want to reel him in slowly. The 3Pc Peek-A-Boo Corset and Stockings will do just that. As his eyes slowly travel down your body, the attention is drawn to a glimpse of breast, half-revealed in sheer material. The combination of straps and metallic captures his look and it’s only as he continues down your body that he’ll be drawn in by the tiny g-string with garters and stockings… the look is so alluring, a mix of textures and fabrics- this is one of our most enticing corset outfits.

Lingerie Lux has always prided itself on offering a wide variety of styles and types of sexy lingerie-we have something for everyone. And, for the x-rated crowd, that exclusive group of women who like to explore the edges of their sexuality, this is just the look you’ve always dreamed of wearing.